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What Customers Are Saying

Running has always been my passion. Four years ago, I quit due to excruciating pain whenever I attempted running. I tried many natural remedies before deciding I can no longer run without pain. The brace supports my knees and I can not longer feel pain while running.

Most basketball players can tell you that they've suffered from jumpers' knee at some point. I was not different. I started wearing the Ultra Knee Sleeves. First on my left knee. I felt so good wearing the sleeve on my left knee and decided to wear one on my right. I do not ball without them period!

At 40 years old, my goal wasn't to have the knees of an 18-year-old. I know mines have a lot of mileage. I was looking for something that can take away some discomfort when I squat or perform any lower body movement. You present me with the right brace for that.

My knees are better. I do not need surgery any more.

I'm a 55 years Old, without the Core Brace, my movement would've been very limited. I'll be bothering my neighbors for their support since my children lives far way.

Never did I expect to walk without pain. I sometimes forget I have the brace on. I am very happy to have discover your product.

Thank you for introducing this fantastic brace to my life.

I slowly started running again after using this Brace. I stretch often and also take care of myself than I use to. Running without feeling pain feels so much better. I can vouch for this any day.

This knee brace worked magic for me. I'm literally back on my feet.

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