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Short & Lightweight Knee Brace I For Knee Pain, Workout, Patella, MCL, ACL

$49.95 $59.90
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Short & Lightweight Knee Brace I For Knee Pain, Workout, Patella, MCL, ACL

$49.95 $59.90
Unit price  per 

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Short & Lightweight Knee Brace I For Knee Pain, Workout, Patella, MCL, ACL



Knee pain is something that afflicts millions of people every single day. Whether you have sustained some sort of acute injury to your knee joint or you are experiencing chronic pain as the result of regular wear and tear, it can wreak havoc on your overall quality of life. 

The short knee brace is an ideal treatment for different types of knee discomfort, for example, in cases of arthrosis, painful joint, complex knee pain, or incorrect positioning of the kneecap.

This versatile, lightweight knee stabilizer provides maximum support to your unstable patella (kneecap). It is short, slim, and lightweight enough to be worn under clothes so you can maintain your day-to-day activities without interference, this patella brace protects against knee instability and pain, as well as further damage and injury.



5 Reasons Why People Love This Lightweight Knee Brace for Running

This exercise knee support has several features that help it stand out from other short knee braces. Following we list the top five reasons people love this knee brace for running, climbing stairs, jogging, walking, and more.

1. Lightweight, Heat-Releasing Material

The 3/16” thick moisture-wicking material is lightweight and specially engineered out of a latex-free, neoprene alternative. Making this knee support for running smooth, soft, and very breathable.

2. C-Shaped Buttress for Enhanced Support

The buttress of this sleek knee compression sleeve stabilizes your knee, which is especially helpful if you’re in need of knee support while walking downhill or uphill, running on uneven surfaces, such as while hiking or trail running.

The C-shaped buttress is compression molded and textured, helping prevent it from sliding out of position. Plus, by simply flipping this knee brace, the C-shaped buttress can be easily adjusted for either lateral (outside) or medial (inside) knee support.

3. Best Knee Brace for Daily activities, Sports, Including Dance, Gymnastics, and More

Many people who subject their knees to high levels of stress, such as dancers, basketball players, or avid runners, choose to wear a knee brace while exercising to help prevent or heal from a knee injury.

This sleek, sweat-wicking athletic knee brace is a great solution for the many causes of knee pain when walking, running, hiking, jogging or engaging in other types of physical activity. Exercising is important to maintain good health but only if your kneecap is stabilized so that injuries and additional damage doesn’t occur.

4. Low-Profile Open Patella Design

At just 6” tall in the front and 3.5” tall in the back, this lightweight, open patella knee sleeve covers no more of your leg than necessary. The open-patella design of this small and short knee support improves its flexibility and keeps pressure off your sore kneecap, while the popliteal area at the back of your knee is closed for added support and compression.

5. Innovative, Fastener Strapping System

Another outstanding feature of this patella tracking brace is its advanced D-ring and fastener strapping system, which makes it easy to apply, remove, and adjust. Simply loosen or tighten the fasteners to change the level of compression.

The medical-grade fastener straps are 10 times stronger than the retail-grade fastener you’ll find on braces at Target, Walmart, your local drugstore, or other online orthopedic brace retailers. Medical-grade fastener is meant to open and close 900 times, unlike retail-grade fastener, which is only meant to open and close 90 times.




Read George's experience with the Short Brace. 


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Why The Short & Lightweight Brace?

The Short & Lightweight Brace supports the patellar around the knee and absorbs shocks.

- It reduces pain associated with discomfort and wears and tear.

- The ergonomic-shaped sleeve profiles your kneecap providing support, and stability, and decreasing pain while improving function.

- Premium material ensures that compression is uniform throughout and stays in place for any movement.


How can you benefit from wearing the Short & Lightweight Brace?

  • Slow disease progression
  • Improves mobility and function to engage in an exercise program
  • Provides calmness to the tissues which tolerate exercise versus when the tissues are irritable
  • Stabilized knee during exercise




Signs You Could Benefit From The Short & Lightweight Knee Brace

  • Do you feel like your knee is about to buckle or give away? If yes, The Brace provides support and stability to the knee while eliminating the discomfort associated with other knee braces.
    • Do you have frequent knee pain? If yes, it is a sign that your knee is inflamed. The Core Brace helps reduce inflammation.
      • Do you have swelling in your knee? If yes, it is a sign of injuries associated with overuse or trauma. The Short & Lightweight Knee Brace helps with manageable irritable discomfort. 



      Product  Features



      How To Wear:

      Can Chronic Knee Pain Be Cured? 

      According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Health Service (NHS), there’s no cure for chronic knee ailments. However, some treatments can help slow it down. A knee brace can take the pressure off the part of your joint most affected by over-usage and help relieve pain. If your knee feels like it might buckle, a knee brace can also help. You stand and move around with confidence.


      The Short & Lightweight Knee Brace provides support to the soft tissues around the knee thereby helping alleviate pain. Wearing a Knee brace makes people feel more comfortable exercising. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), exercise and strengthening help treat symptoms of knee ailments.




        Used for patellar tracking disorder, patella subluxation or dislocation, patellofemoral pain syndrome, light MCL and LCL injury prevention, meniscus pain, knee sprains, knee arthritis, runner’s knee, jumper’s knee, chondromalacia, patellar tendonitis, and more.

        No. They have a specially designed gripping strip on the inside to hold the it up regardless of how hard you move or exercise.

        Using a fabric tape measure, stand up and measure the circumference around the center of your kneecap. To get the most accurate measurements, we recommend having a close family member or friend assist you. Refer to our sizing graphic in the photos above to choose the right size.

        Yes, but this knee brace is meant to fit against your skin for a better grip. It can be worn above tight pants or leggings if necessary.

        This knee brace can be comfortably worn all day while sitting, standing, and during physical activity.

        Yes! We offer a simple no-hassle returns and exchange process. Simply contact us by email and we'll ship a replacement or arrange a refund.

        Delivery takes 3-6 days to the USA, and 5-12 days to Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.


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        What Customers Are Saying

        I'm a 55 years Old, without this supsupport, my movement would've been very limited. I'll be bothering my neighbors for their support since my children lives far way.

        Never did I expect to walk without pain. I sometimes forget I have the brace on. I am very happy to have discover your product. 

        At 40 years old, my goal wasn't to have the knees of an 18-year-old. I know mines have a lot of mileage. I was looking for something that can take away some discomfort when I squat or perform any lower body movement. You present me with the right brace for that.

        Thank you for introducing this fantastic brace to my life. 

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 30 reviews
        Augustina L

        I bought this for one knee and when it came with 2, I used one to leave at work.. later I used one while I washed the other. It works for knee pain. I am not sure of the science behind it.. but it definitely made my knee pain more bearable!

        Chris N.

        Low profile fit, not bulky, not heavy, stays in place. Eliminated pain during workouts without interfering with the actual workout session. Supportive, but not restrictive. Helped with my Osgood schlatter pain. Would definitely recommend this product!

        Jermaine J.

        Great quality, true to size.

        Good quality and works great

        This is exactly the type of brace my physical therapist recommended; one that the support brace not just the hole. Others that I saw were so much longer on the leg; not an option in a hot southern state. This supports very well and is comfortable at the same time.

        Justice Koch

        I have about a half-dozen different knee braces and sleeves for my knee pain. I bike to get around, I run on cement, I lift weights and crosstrain multiple times a week. All of that is rough on my knees, so it's not shocking. This brace is the only one that has meaningfully helped prevent pain from my patellar drift. It physically shoves my patella back into place. I used to use KT tape to do this, but the KT tape either wasn't strong enough to stay stuck, or lost its grip after a few days. This brace has made a huge difference for me.

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