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About Us

Corespirited was founded to help people with knee ailments overcome discomforts associated with knee pains.

Your knees bear a heavy load for your whole body. The more weight you put on them, the harder it is for them to keep supporting you. In the last few years, obesity rates is steadily climbing. The reason? The pandemic increased sedentary behavior. As such, more weight for those knees to carry creates aches, pains, and pressure. 


For this reason we exist. We cater to those with larger legs to get the proper knee support and care.

Standard knee braces simply don’t fit. If you want to support and protect your knees, it’s frustrating to have to return knee brace after knee brace because they won’t fit your thighs.


Our Promise

Your leg size must not be the determinant about the brace you wear or not. That is why we are committed to create  knee support that fits all, ranging from small to 6XL.  

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