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Protection and Recovery Knee Brace I Sweat Resistance, Open Patella Compression Sleeve

$29.95 $59.90
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Protection and Recovery Knee Brace I Sweat Resistance, Open Patella Compression Sleeve

$29.95 $59.90
Unit price  per 

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Protection and Recovery Knee Brace I Sweat Resistance, Open Patella Compression Sleeve

Recovery Knee Brace Description


Every day, your knees experience a lot of stress, especially if you’re an athlete. Over time, this stress can take a toll on the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones that make up your knee joints, causing them to be susceptible to pain and injuries.

This versatile, lightweight knee stabilizer provides maximum support to your unstable patella (kneecap). This patella brace protects against knee instability and pain, as well as further damage and injury.



These qualities and more make this support brace great for treating many knee conditions that cause patellar tracking issues and kneecap pain, including:

  • Patellar tracking disorder

  • Kneecap subluxation

  • Patellar dislocation

  • Knee sprains

  • Shock absorber 
  • Patellar tendon injuries including runner’s knee,  and jumper’s knee 


Take some seconds to read Raymond's experience with this knee brace


Take some seconds to read Charlene's experience with this knee brace


5 Reasons Why People Love this All Around Lightweight Brace

This active and exercised knee support has several features that help it stand out from other braces. Here are the top 5 reasons why you would love this knee support for an active lifestyle not only limited to walking, or running. 

  • Open Patellar: a basic design for an open patella knee support with a cut-out for the kneecap. It is designed to reduce the pressure caused by the patella tendon, support the kneecap and keep the bone in place


  • Pain Relief: Our knee brace can help you relieve pain and reduce the pressure on your knee during work, walking, running, jumping, and another exercise for a long hour. 


  • Non-slip knee strap: stick strap fastener made of non-slip silicone strips that hold the support in place and prevent slipping, offering maximum comfort and freedom of movement

  • 360° Careful Protection: It can effectively relieve acute and chronic knee joint pain. Even if you are doing strenuous exercise, the adjustable knee pad can also provide you with protection and avoid knee injuries.






What can you benefit from wearing this recovery knee strap?

  • Slow disease progression 
  • Improves mobility and function to engage in an exercise program
  • Provides calmness to the tissues which tolerate exercise versus when the tissues are irritable
  • Stabilized knee during exercise

Signs You Could Benefit From The Recovery Knee Support that absorbs shock

  • Do you feel like your knee is about to buckle or give away? If yes, it is a sign that your knee is unstable. The Core Brace helps with knee stabilization. 

    • Do you have frequent knee pain? If yes, it is a sign that your knee is inflamed. The Core Brace helps reduce inflammation.

      • Do you have swelling in your knee? If yes, it is a sign of injuries associated with overuse or trauma. The Core Brace helps with manageable irritable discomfort. 


      I Don't Have Knee Discomfort, Is this Brace Still for Me?

      Although knee braces have mostly been studied in people with chronic knee disease and people with knee discomfort, the knee brace provides tremendous benefits for people with knee pain, swelling, muscle weakness, and impaired function of the leg. The Core Brace provides stability and manages pain. 


      When to Use Recovery Brace?

      • While walking or when doing physical activities
      • When you are on your feet out and about
      • We encourage users of this lightweight Brace not to wear  more than necessary and to take it off while resting



        More Dos and Don’ts for Using Protection Knee Braces 

        • The knee brace shouldn’t be too loose or too snug. Watch for redness and chafing. It should be just enough snug enough that it’s going to stay in place

        • Keep brace clean, especially in hot weather – it is essential to clean knee braces routinely as the bacteria in sweat can cause skin irritation and even infection.

        • Don’t have anything between the brace and your skin - the brace should be worn against the skin and not over clothing.

        • More expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better - “I have tried a compression sleeve - did not help,” said a Core Brace user. “I did feel relieved with the Core Brace. It feels comfortable and easy to adjust.

        Can Chronic Knee Pain Be Cured? 

        According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Health Service (NHS), there’s no cure for chronic knee ailments. However, some treatments can help slow it down. A knee brace can take the pressure off the part of your joint most affected by knee pain. If your knee feels like it might buckle, a knee brace can also help. You stand and move around with confidence.


        The Core Brace provides support to the soft tissues around the knee thereby helping alleviate pain. Wearing a Knee brace makes people feel more comfortable exercising. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), exercise and strengthening help treat symptoms of knee pain.

        How Does a Knee Brace Help With Knee Discomfort

        According to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) the goal of a knee brace for patients with chronic knee pain is to provide support for the knee, and in doing so, decrease pain and improve function.


        This brace provides support and stability to the knee while eliminating the discomfort associated with other knee braces.





        Used for patellar tracking disorder, patella subluxation or dislocation, patellofemoral pain syndrome, light MCL and LCL injury prevention, meniscus pain, knee sprains, knee arthritis, runner’s knee, jumper’s knee, chondromalacia, patellar tendonitis, and more.

        No. They have a specially designed gripping strip on the inside to hold the it up regardless of how hard you move or exercise.

        Using a fabric tape measure, stand up and measure the circumference around the center of your kneecap. To get the most accurate measurements, we recommend having a close family member or friend assist you. Refer to our sizing graphic in the photos above to choose the right size.

        Yes, but this knee brace is meant to fit against your skin for a better grip. It can be worn above tight pants or leggings if necessary.

        This knee brace can be comfortably worn all day while sitting, standing, and during physical activity.

        Yes! We offer a simple no-hassle returns and exchange process. Simply contact us by email and we'll ship a replacement or arrange a refund.

        Delivery takes 3-6 days to the USA, and 5-12 days to Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.


        Didn't find your answer?

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        What Customers Are Saying

        I'm a 55 years Old, without this supsupport, my movement would've been very limited. I'll be bothering my neighbors for their support since my children lives far way.

        Never did I expect to walk without pain. I sometimes forget I have the brace on. I am very happy to have discover your product. 

        At 40 years old, my goal wasn't to have the knees of an 18-year-old. I know mines have a lot of mileage. I was looking for something that can take away some discomfort when I squat or perform any lower body movement. You present me with the right brace for that.

        Thank you for introducing this fantastic brace to my life. 

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 10 reviews

        This is totally what I needed knee is slipping in and out and has pain that moves so this is awesome. At the store I searched for a brace that would fit my leg and they were all too small....this is great for a larger thigh above the knee.

        Sandy Regen

        I have tried lots of knee supports over the time and this has to be by far the best one I have used. It brings immediate comfort and support to the knee. Really easy to put on just pull it up over the knee. The thinh that I like about these is that they have a little rubber strip going round which gives a grip onto the skin holding it in place so it doesn't slip down even if you're at the gym or doing stuff around the house or out and about. The pressure in which he gives her knee brings a lot of comfort and immediately took away the pain from my knees. I like this because you get two in a pack I suffer with a pain condition which brings pain to both my knees so it was good value for money when you're getting two of them. They are very comfortable to wear are and can go on under your trousers. really happy with them. I like that they are stretchy as when you're moving around they Give Your Knees room to move and breathe. Happy customer

        Dan K.

        I received mine today and I love it. Thanks!

        Jordan Karhof

        The extra third middle strap helps, but this support bunches up when knee is bent. It could be an inch or 2 longer vertically.

        Debbie C.

        This brace is great for medium support. Lately, I've been having some pain when standing for longer periods of time. However, after wearing this brace today, my knee feels almost as good as new. It did not slip either. Just make sure you tighten it enough. Even though it offers great support, it still allows for some flexibility. I was able to drive with it on. I'm very pleased with this item and I expect it to last a long time.

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